Quiz on Codes and Standards in Piping

A code and Standard for anythings is a set of rules and specification for the correct method and use of material for design and construction of any product, plan, or process. It is not necessary that Internationally approved Codes and Standard is always right and applicable 100% in every case. Code can be approved by local states and standard formation authorities with a review on local issues, weather type, and environmental conditions.

Knowing technical code and standard for a Pipe execution person is as much important as for the Design person. Here you will find a set of 20 questions that will help you to evaluate yourself in these terms. We are continuously posting Quiz in Set of 20-25 questions each on different topics. If you feel the number of questions should increase please Let us know by commenting below.

Quiz on Codes and Standards in Piping

Welcome to your Piping Codes and Standards

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