What is Steam Blowing? Steam blowing Type, procedure, and Principal

What is steam blowing

Steam blowing is a method of cleaning of piping system where the energy and speed of steam are used to remove the impurities from the piping network. The temperature difference during steam blowing is used to remove the mill scale due to the expansion and contraction of the pipe.

Welding Hazards and control measures with pdf

Welding hazards and safety precautions

Weldin safety measures always need to design in such a way that it protects all employees, Properties of the company, and increases the productivity of welders. Proper training, regular inspection of welding equipment, and ensuring worker’s condition are some of the most important ways.

Pipe Size notation: NPS vs NB vs DN. Is there any difference?

NPS vs NPB vs DN

Many of us, talk about pipe size either in DN (Nominal Diameter), NPS ( Nominal Pipe Size), or NB (Nominal Bore). Yet these all are notations of pipe size these all have some similarities and differences in terms of use and origin. In this article, you will know a brief explanation about these piping size notations.

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