Flange pressure rating: Selection and Pressure temperature chart for flange

Pressure-Temperature Chart for Flange Rating

Flange Pressure Rating is the identification of a specific designation that indicates how much pressure that flange can hold till what maximum temperature. In Simple Words, ” Flange Pressure Rating or Class indicates the maximum pressure a flange can withstand with rising temperature up to a limit for a specific temperature range.”

A brief on the Difference between PSV and PRV (PSV vs PRV)


It is usually misunderstood about the basic difference of use and functionality between pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve. Knowing those basic differences will help us to identify the need for these piping components and can justify the purpose of their installation.

Types of Steam Trap: Working, Advantage, Disadvantage


The working method of each type of steam trap is very unique and different. As per their working principle, advantages and disadvantages make them different from each other. Each type of steam trap has unique capabilities and processes to do its efficient work.

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