Horizontal Centrifugal Pump vs Vertical Centrifugal Pump: Functionality, Selection, Advantages, Uses

Vertical vs horizontal centrifugal pump

In Some Refineries or Chemical Industries, you must have seen two types of centrifugal pumps:
1. Pumps with both suction and discharge in a vertical position. i.e. Verticle Pumps
2. Pumps with suction in horizontal and discharge in vertical position. i.e. Horizontal Pumps

Vacuum Ejector System: Purpose, Selection, Working, Advantages

Vacuum Ejector

The vacuum Ejector System is one of the most important parts of the Vacuum distillation unit. It creates pressure always less than outlet pressure of vacuum column downcomer piping so that flow of fluid Vacuum column to Condenser and other types of equipment can be regularised. PV=nRT (P: Pressure, V: Volume, n: no. of molecules, … Read more

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