Piping Supports as Per Insulation System: Hot insulated, Cold Insulated, Non-Insulated

Piping Support system changes with a requirement of Insulation. While a wear pad is enough to rest on structure for Non-insulated Pipes, A shoe of Saddle support is required for giving space for insulation to insulated Piping.

Pipe supports for Insulated Line are designed to prevent direct heat transfer either from environment to Pipe or Pipe to environment. So, they help to reduce heat loss due to conduction. Here in this Article of “Piping Supports as Per Insulation System” you will learn the following:

  1. Need of Insulated Pipe supports
  2. Types of Insulated Pipe supports
  3. Brief about Pipe Support for hot insulation.
  4. Details of Pipe Supporting for Cold insulation or Cryogenic Supports
  5. Installation details of Non-insulated Pipe Supports.

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Need of Insulated Pipe Supports

An insulated line has different sets of Support system which help to pipe network to:

  • Direct contact from structural or civil part of Project.
  • Provide space for insulation material installation.
  • Withstand with load of pipes.
  • Stop heat loss or heat gain.

Types of Support as Insulation System

Clamp Supports

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