Piping Supports: Types, Codes, Design, Selection, Working, Installation

With the Installation of the Piping system, the Installation of Supports for Piping plays a crucial role in stability, positioning, and movement control of pipes on their location. Different types of piping supports have different roles for the stability of the Piping system.

A properly designed and well-maintained pipe support span carries all load of the piping network and increases the life span of construction. Each piping support detail has its own importance to restrain pipe movements.

While Shoe or saddle-support helps a piping system to rest on its location, Guide and Limit stopper restrain piping movement from its location. In this article “Piping Support” we will give you a wide approach towards understanding the following:

  1. General classification and types of Supports
  2. Piping supports Standard and Codes
  3. Purpose of Different Types of Supports in Piping System and their installation guidance.
  4. Piping support arrangement in Pipe rack and Equipment
  5. Support Type selection and Piping Support Spacing Determination

Pipe support General classification

A piping system needs to be supported from some foundation or from a structure nearby. The whole weight of the Piping network is transferred to those Civil foundations or Structures. In a piping support system, some supports are directly attached to pipes while some support types are not.

Based on the attachment of Support to pipes there are two types of Support in the Piping Support System:

  1. Primary Supports: These types of support are directly clamped or welded to pipes for their resting. For example Shoe, Saddle, Pipe Hanger, Wear Pad, Trunnion Etc.
  2. Secondary Support: These are the type of support which not directly connected pipes but connected to either civil foundations or Structural members. With the help of these secondary supports, Primary support rests on its location. Antifriction Pad, Limit stopper, Guide, Goalpost are some of the examples of secondary supports.

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Types of Piping Support and Installation Guide

In piping support design there are various types of support that help pipes for their stability and poisonings. Some of the individual support or a combination of these types of support for the piping systems have their own design criteria and importance towards installation. The Types of Piping Supports are as follows:

Clamped Type Supports

Piping Clamp Support

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